Tom Ferentz Photography Central Street Photos by Tom Ferentz
Havana Photos by Tom Ferentz
Healthcare Documentary Photos by Tom Ferentz
Market Street Photos by Tom Ferentz
Night Photos by Tom Ferentz
Small Farm in Africa Photos by Tom Ferentz

Tom Ferentz photographs out of his own diverse interests and on assignment. He has exhibited at NINE Gallery in Portland, Or; Meridian Gallery in San Francisco; Nickel Museum in Calgary, Canada; Sunny Gate Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan; Oranges/Sardines in Los Angeles, and was a Eureka Fellow in Photography.

Sometimes he reworks something out of photography’s past, like Walker Evans’ Havana 1933. He thinks of photography as being engaged in a long-term dialogue with itself and wants to participate. Other times find him directing his camera toward his own past. Central Street, a recent work, is a reverie about a place from his past which he explored with both his camera and memory.

Ferentz’ photographs of health care have appeared in exhibition catalogs, books, magazines, and publications. His clients include publishers JB Lippincott, Addison-Wesley, and Nurseweek magazine.

Tom Ferentz is Founder and Artistic Director of Sixth Street Photography Workshop, a project in the low-income and homeless community in San Francisco. He teaches photography at University of San Francisco.

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